Dutch wildlife in the Biesbosch


People travel all over the world to see the beauty of nature, but sometimes you realize that wildlife in your own country is so beautiful. A few weeks ago we went to the Biesbosch. It’s a protected area with a lot of water. You can find a wide variety of birds there. Geese, spoonbills and herons are just a few of the different varieties. And for me as a photographer it’s heaven. I can’t get enough of searching for al the different kinds and take photo’s. Sometimes my lens is not good enough to get close to all the birds, but I still enjoy it.

Spoonbill in the sky Spoonbills

Geese in the water Geese in the field Swallows picking insect from the mud Three families of geese Heron Flying swallow Predator Flying goose  Geese resting for a while