zipping up the wedding dress

Crochet wedding dress


crochet dress

About two years ago my sister and her girlfriend told us that they want to get married. We were thrilled. They are so good and lovely together. After the announcement, my sister called me. She asked me if I wanted to make her wedding dress. Of course I felt very honored. She had a very special wish: she wanted a crochet wedding dress. Oh my, that was a lot of work I was looking at, but what a special project it was.

I started in August of 2018, the wedding was in May 2019, so I had 9 months to make this ” baby” . She chose the off-white for the fabric of the dress and deep red for the crochet doilies that would be on top of the dress. She gave me full permission to make it as I wanted to. I searched for patterns everywhere. You can find so much on the internet. I especially loved the patterns of Grace Fearon. There are lot doilies of here in the dress.

It was a lot of work, but what a special dress it became. Nobody else on this whole wide world has the same dress. And it suited here so fine. In May 2019 was the wedding. It was very special and so beautiful. They married outside with all their friends and family with them and I was so proud.